My Teaching Method


As a voice instructor, I discover through various exercises, the "tends tos" of each of my students. Exercises are then given to each student to counter and relieve those tendencies.

The technique I use is one that allows students to sing in any style, including rock, country, popular, blues, even opera. I can help with style, but do not teach it unless it is requested. I simply direct each student to his best voice. It is a process during which the vocal cords will become stronger and the voice will become an instrument of one voice, from the bottom through the top. The student's vocal range and control will improve.

Performers need to be aware that singing incorrectly over periods of time can actually damage your voice. 

I teach students of all ages however, I have found that the "attention span" is not adequate until a person is about 12 years old. 

We recommend that a student practice, at least, several times a week. We create a recording and email each lesson  to be used as a practice tool and to measure the students progress.

I teach from a studio in my home allowing us to offer very competitive rates.

Vocal Coach